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Canon AF35ML | 35mm Film Camera | Point and Shoot | Tested & Working | Great condition.

Nicknamed “Autoboy Super,” the camera has a fast 40mm f/1.9 (5 elements in 5 groups) lens. Probably the fastest lens ever put on any fully automatic fixed-lens point-and-shoot camera. The electronic shutter was made by Canon and program-controlled. An electronic beeper sounds for camera-shake warning, self-timer operation, and end-of-film alert. The beeper tone is different for each type of audio alert. The AF system uses a linear CCD array for passive triangulation just like the Contax G2.

There are three LEDs in the finder, each showing an icon for distant, group shots or close-up focus distances. If the appropriate LED lights up, you're assured of perfect focus. If no LED or the wrong LED lights, you don't have focus and need to retry.


Condition notes-

Small chip on top on body-does not effect camera operation. Flash charge indicator light does not light when flash is ready. Soft pouch is flakey and showing signs of age but still offers good camera protection.

Camera has been battery and film tested. We did not develop the roll of test film.

Canon AF35ML

    • 40mm f/1.9 lens
    • ASA(ISO) range: 25 ~ 400
    • Battery check switch, Self timer, on/off
    • Push button film release with power winder 
    • Pop-up flash
    • (1) Roll of 35mm film
    • (2) AA batteries
    • 48mm UV filter
    • Original soft pouch
    • Lens cap

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